The Red Man Syndrome website now has a discussion group you can join to talk about your condition with other people in a simialr situation.

I think the welcome message sent out when users first join is as good an introduction as any, so I am reproducing it here.

Welcome to the Red Man Syndrome and Erythroderma Forum.

The forum is aimed at sufferers of the skin conditions known as Erythroderma, or Exfoliative Dermatitis, or Red Man Syndrome. We are also happy to have members with any skin condition closely related to Erythroderma.

A forum is designed to be a slightly more intimate gathering than posting comments on a website, so please feel comfortable in introducing yourself when you join. Erythrodermas present a number of lifestyle challenges for both the sufferer and close family and friends. The group is thus also open to family and friends of Erythroderma sufferers who wish to know how best they can manage the changes brought on by this disease. I hope the members of this forum will be able to help each other with both practical advice and emotional support.

The associated website is, where you will find information and advice on Erythroderma plus my own personal Diary of a Red Man.

Best Wishes


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