This Red Man Syndrome website is split into two sections: informational and personal. The site index lists my articles setting out as clearly as I can the current knowledge about the best medical practices and patient care options for the skin condition known as erythroderma and any related conditions. The flip side to this is a personal blog about my experiences in being diagnosed with erythroderma, my attempts to manage both the condition and my life, and any random thoughts that come to me. I have called this personal blog "Diary of a Red Man".

I could have split the two sections into two separate blogs but, for the moment, I think they complement each other. Erythroderma will change your life and you will need a lot of understanding, love and humour from both yourself and your closest family and friends. Such qualities are not easy to quantify within a medical framework, hence the highly subjective, highly idiosyncratic, highly personal Diary of a Red Man!

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